Dietplan7 Personal

The Personal version of Dietplan7 can be purchased as one of two models: installed, where the software is loaded onto one specific computer and runs on that machine alone, or  portable where the software is supplied pre-installed on a USB flash drive that can simply be plugged into any host computer, either Windows or Mac, and run without any explicit installation. All your work is saved in the database that is on the drive itself, so you can unplug the drive when you have finished, taking everything with you and then plug the drive into any other Windows or Mac computer and carry on using Dietplan exactly where you left off.

The installed version of the software can be supplied on CD or downloaded from here. After  installation it can be run either as a 30 day trial or, at any time after that, as a permanently licenced installation using an activation code that is supplied when the software is purchased.

The portable version is delivered complete on an 8 GB USB3 flash drive and no further installation or activation is necessary. You can make backup copies of your data from the flash drive and store them on your hard drive or other storage media in the same way as you can with a conventionally installed version.